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Nikki + Scott

More Deer Than Humans

The name Jura is believed to come from the Norse meaning ‘Deer Island’. 200 people, 6,000 deer and one Whisky distillery! The isle of Jura is located on the west coast of Scotland. A twelve hour car ride, and 2 ferries from our south wales based offices. The timing for this destination event was Crucial, both going and returning as we had to get to Morocco 2 days after the event for another wedding.


Isle of Jura


Photo & Video

An Underwater Proposal.

Upon consulting, along with many questions we reguralary ask our clients to tell us how they proposed. Nikki & Scotts proposal was so unique, we had to use it for VO in the film.

I Would Retire Here.

Attending hundreds of weddings worldwide, If I had to consider one place to retire it would be Jura. The quietness and simplicity of the island is mesmerising.


The surreal tones of this place ensured a difficult grading process for us because we’re not used to these colours at all.

Off roading

I cannot explain how surreal the views were on Jura. Add an ex-sniper, now gamekeeper, pushing a pram across this barren landscape and voila. Uniqueness!

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Jura, snap it up! But don’t forget your coat.


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