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Sophie + Sam


Destination weddings are undoubtedly very exciting for team Fire & Ice. We had the choice to Fly or Drive into France so we took it to a vote. The team decided to Drive and leave a day early to allow time for a sunrise stop off at the eiffel tower.


Chateau De Jalesnes


Custom Package

The Frenchest, French Shot.

We left Paris around 8am and headed towards Loire Valley – Chateau De Jalesnes. The long drive allowed us time to soak up the scenery whilst storyboarding/planning creative shots. In full creative discussion, ideas were flying out. One of which, was to sit the bride down, give her a book at sunset with the groom in frame sporting a top hat. How french is this?

The Frenchest, French Film.

Naturally, we followed suit and created a French themed wedding teaser, with the Frenchest royalty free audio we could possibly find. Check it out below

The Destination

Sophie and Sam hired the entire Chateau for 3 days for their whole family and friends. Everyone was in holiday mode and the excitement ensured it would be a trip to remember. 

Destination weddings sometimes make it difficult to plan. All we have to go off is google maps and google earth. To get around this we always arrive early and send up the drones. We stumbled across this small patch of wild flowers from the air which immediately parked an idea. It’s a tough one to execute as it requires the bride to lay down in her gown, but the result speaks for itself.

Favourite Wedding?

Occasionally we get asked “what’s the favourite place you’ve been?” Immediately this one pops into my head. Since this wedding, after hashtagging the location on instagram we’ve taken 3 more bookings for Chateau De Jalesnes and we’re so excited to return.



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